Born in Greece, grown up in Boston and married to a French woman, Stylianos knows how much one needs to invest to be fluent in a foreign language and have a deep understanding of a culture ! He launches Yes in 2008, an English training company, in order to give everybody the best learning experience. Getting inspiration from two companies, Apple for innovation and design, and Lego for modularity, he creates with his team training products which are simple, fun, easy to use and result driven. Creadev did a capital increase in 2012 in order to foster growth.

Marie Ducastel

Marie Ducastel (IEP Paris et Master II en droit public) a rejoint EFE en 1992 pour y développer l’activité formation. Elle prend la direction France en 2000 et devient PDG du Groupe en 2007. Elle en assure depuis le développement notamment à travers une politique active d’acquisitions, les plus significatives étant le rachat du CFPJ en 2003 et de l’ISM-IDCC en 2008. Le Groupe EFE est le numéro 3 de la formation professionnelle continue en France et emploie près de 270 collaborateurs en France, au Belux, en Espagne et au Portugal.

Gaël Donadey

When Gaël Donadey, a doctor in pharmacy, set up the Homeperf group in 1997, he was one of the very first to provide home health care services. Specialising in perfusions, nutrition and insulin therapy and operating. The company has a national network of 40 agencies and employs over 200 people. Creadev has entered into a partnership with Gaël Donadey and the managerial team to promote the group’s rapid expansion into many areas.

Laurent Uberti / Olivier Camino / Arnaud de Lacoste

Laurent Uberti, Olivier Camino and Arnaud de Lacoste – Acticall Launched in 1996 by its three current directors, Laurent Uberti, Olivier Camino and Arnaud de Lacoste who were then 20 years old, the Acticall Group, specialising in the outsourcing of customer relations, now employs 2,800 people on 10 sites in France and has achieved sales of over €100 million. In 2009, Creadev took over share from investment funds.

David Corchia

Réginald Allouche

Réginald Allouche, a doctor and diabetes specialist, founded Kot, the leading brand of diet products sold in chemistry shops. Jean-Gérard Galvez, an entrepreneur who had enjoyed handsome Nasdaq success with Activcard, later teamed up with him and they decided to turn Kot into the leading supplier of treats and solutions that effectively prevent and counteract excess weight, obesity and diabetes. Creadev has been an associate since 2006.

Sacha Loiseau

Sacha Loiseau gave up his job at NASA in 1999 and moved back to France where he founded Mauna Kea Technologies in 2000 which uses Sacha's expertise in astronomical-imaging technology to build microscopic (and hence minimally invasive) in-vivo medical-imaging devices. Creadev contributed as a venture capitalist in 2004 and 2007. MKT is now one of the world’s leading pioneers in non-invasive, in-vivo, cellular imaging technologies. The firm has branches in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Hugues Harmel

Hugues Harmel made it to the top of the corporate ladder and then jumped off to run his own start-up. He founded Maisons de Famille (nursing homes with medical assistance for the elderly) in 2003. Four years down the road, his company provides 2,500 resident beds in France and Italy. Creadev teamed up with Hugues when he started his company.

Dan Serfaty / Thierry Lunati

Dan Serfaty and Thierry Lunati co-founded Viadeo, a leading French professional social network which also operates in China, Canada and India. Creadev has been working with the two entrepreneurs since 2005.

Sébastien Clerc

Voltalia develops mid-size power plants (2 to 30MW), with the four main renewable sources (hydropower, solar energy, wind power and biomass), in four regions (France, Guyana, Brazil and Greece). By the end of 2009, Voltalia settled a partnership with the Mulliez family thanks to a capital increase, in order to strengthen its investment capacity and its sales force, so as to become a significant player on the international market.

Nicolas Mayaud / Benjamin Simonis

Passionate about environmental and energy issues, Nicolas Mayaud, who graduated from the engineering school Ecole Centrale Paris, spent 12 years in the industry at BSN Glasspack and Saint Gobin Weber. By the end of 2009, he launched Helexia with the support of the Mulliez family, in order to offer innovative and fully integrated solutions in energy efficiency. It will particularly offer solar panel solutions for industrial and commercial buildings. The company targets to launch its firsrt solar plants by 2011.

Christophe Leclercq

Christophe Leclercq worked for Mac Kinsey then the European Commission before founding the leading online source of free-of-charge EEC information in 2001. His website has built a 500,000-strong readership within a franchise network in ten countries. Creadev has been working with Christophe since 2010.

Didier Colombier / Vianney Poissonnier

Didier Colombier and Vianney Poissonnier are two bold young entrepreneurs who saw the dotcom boom and burst firsthand. Oxygem, the group they founded in 2000, is an on-line media group (Cuisine AZ, Météocity,, etc.). Creadev has backed them from the start.